Focus Area: Environment
Priority Area: Sustainable Energy
Project Number: 00072416
Project Title: Greening 2014 Sochi Olympics: A Strategy and Action Plan for the Greening Legacy, PPG
Budget and Source of Funds: PPG: US$ 125,000 (of which US$ 55,000 - GEF, US$ 70,000 - Government of Russia in kind). Medium-sized project resources estimated at US$ 900,000 (GEF).
Starting Date and Duration: September 2009 - March 2011
Project Site: Sochi
Executing Agency: UNDP
Partnerships: State Corporation "Olympstroy", National Organization Committee for the Sochi Olympics
Project Status: ongoing
Delivery: 2010: US$ 36,587.48; 2009: US$ 14,820.00

Responsible Unit:

Energy and Environment Unit

For more information please contact:

Ms. Nataly Olofinskaya

Head of Unit

Tel: +7 (495) 787 2139

Project Document: download

00072416 - Greening 2014 Sochi Olympics: A Strategy and Action Plan for the Greening Legacy, PPG


The project aims at addressing climate change mitigation through greening a large international event in Russia the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic games. The project Objective is to produce a Greening Strategy and Action Plan for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. The project will develop greening recommendations and action plans in six specific sectors. By introducing an early Climate Change planning the project will help setting up a "carbon neutral" event and unleash the potential for GHG emissions reduction during the preparation to and conduction of the Sochi Olympic games. In doing so the MSP project will produce an integrated programmatic approach (a set of project proposals) for the Greening of Sochi Olympics.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. An Action Programme for introducing green standards for Sochi Olympics construction and further replication;
  2. Integrated Strategy and Action Plan for energy efficiency;
  3. An Action Plan for reducing GHG emissions through increased application of renewable energy technologies at 2014 Olympics;
  4. An integrated strategy and action plan for reducing GHG emissions from transport during preparations and convening of the Olympics;
  5. Sochi Carbon Offsets Programme;
  6. A comprehensive public awareness, advocacy and outreach programme.

    The main expected result of the PPG stage of the project is the preparation of a project document for submission of a medium-sized project grant request to GEF.

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