United Nations Development Programme

Russian Federation

Private Sector Engagement

UNDP assists integration of the principles of sustainable development into corporate culture and strategies of Russian business aiming for a long-term sustainable economic outlook. UNDP assists implementation of the principles of corporate citizenship through facilitation of multi-stakeholder dialogue between companies and all other interested parties. The development of responsible, mutually advantageous relations within this multi-stakeholder system becomes a major factor for human development and economic growth. The UN Global Compact has now been recognized and is actively supported both by the Russian Government, leading Russian businesses and civil society as a platform for dialogue and engagement of the private sector in the processes of sustainable development. This opportunity is further pursued by implementing projects jointly with public and private companies focusing on CSR, restructuring of single-company towns and personnel development. This is being complemented by the launch of the Public-Private Partnership Development Project in cooperation with Vnesheconombank which strengthens Russias capacity for development of public-private partnerships in Russia, including improvement of legal framework, introduction of modern PPP management and financial instruments in PPP area, institutional capacity building of existing and new PPP-centers, and implementation of PPP pilot projects in selected regions of Russia and/or CIS countries.

In 2010, private sector engagement into various social activities was continued through the Global Compact project: 12 new members entered the network and four feasibility studies for single-factory cities have been completed. The Public-Private Partnership project: a concept of pilot projects has been developed, selection criteria for applicants have been elaborated, resource mobilization strategy and legislative gaps have been defined.