United Nations Development Programme

Russian Federation

Human Development

Human Development is the most credible and most known intellectual concept of UNDP. UNDPs activities in human development contain the following programme elements in Russia: Human Development per se, including National Human Development Reports, Regional Human Development Reports and human development education; sustainable social and economic recovery in selected Russian regions; and contribution to the reduction of HIV/AIDS incidences in the Russian Federation combined with the mitigation of the impact of the epidemic on the population. In general the human development approach to development assistance is aimed at introduction of the human development concept to decision-makers at the federal, regional and local levels, preparation of human development reports on various priority development issues from the energy efficiency to the demographic challenges, institutionalization of the human development concept into university curriculum through education, policy advice and dissemination of the international and local human development practices. The human development approach to development encompasses analytical and methodological support combined with addressing particular needs of Russian regions and development needs of the CIS countries.

In 2010, Human Development activities resulted in development and presentation of two national human development reports (on Energy Efficiency and MDGs), launch of 1 sub-national report in Perm Kray and contribution into global HDR launch with country-specific presentation. Human Development Center as new institution is finally agreed with Moscow State University as implementing partner and MFA in the framework of new regional HD project. Human development paradigm was further promoted through local development project in the North Caucasus (funded by UNTFHS). The project has facilitated the creation of more than 160 jobs in North Ossetia through microcredits, and provided direct trainings and knowledge to 90 people from the most vulnerable population. As an outcome of this project, an agreement with Tver Governor was drafted to replicate experience of local rural development. Beslan School construction was finished and opened by North-Ossetia Prime Minister, together with UNDP and donors.