United Nations Development Programme

Russian Federation

Official Development Assistance

The Concept of Russias Participation in International Development Assistance approved June 14, 2007, outlines a comprehensive and strategic vision for Russias development assistance programme, setting out major goals and principles, and allocating roles among relevant actors. It recognizes that, after a period of about one decade as an aid recipient, Russia is re-emerging as a significant international donor and requires a more systematic approach to its aid activities. Russian Government declares explicit commitment to internationally agreed goals, its recognition of the principles of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness, and its plans to scale up aid in the next several years. UNDP is partnering with the Russian government in creating a solid base for the implementation of practical joint development assistance projects with the Russian government entities. The on-going activities build on the Russian Governments and UNDPs joint interest to develop Russias development assistance capacity into comprehensive development assistance projects.

In 2010, Official Development Development agenda remained in the focus, and three project concepts have been developed and submitted for Governments review.