United Nations Development Programme

Russian Federation

UNDP Programme Priorities in Russia

Despite the global economic crisis, which seriously affected the Russian economy in 2009, and the remaining development problems, Russia’s growing economic strength, increasing global role as a G-8 member and re-emerging donor continues to affect the nature of its relationship with UNDP. In this context, the UNDP in Russia focuses its activities on several closely inter-related issues as agreed with the Government and relevant for the country future development. They include energy efficiency, climate change and biodiversity; supporting Russia’s emerging donor role; private sector engagement (in the framework of United Nations Global Compact initiative and public-private partnership) and private sector development; and policy advice on human development issues provided by an expanded NHDR project.

These programme priorities are reflected in the current structure of the office, which includes two programmatic Clusters. Energy Efficiency and Environment Cluster is responsible for implementation of projects in the areas of energy efficiency, climate changes as well as conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. Official Development Assistance and Private Sector Engagement Cluster deals with issues related to Official Development Assistance, Human Development, Private Sector Partnership

The projects, implemented by UNDP Country Office, are grouped in the Clusters in the following way:

Energy Efficiency and Environment

00060623 - Standards and Labels for Promoting Energy Efficiency in Russia. PPG
ongoing, Full-sized project resources estimated at 7,810,000 USD (GEF). PPG: 375,000.00 (of which 125,000.00 USD - GEF, 250,000.00 - Government of Russia in kind)
00060679 - Transforming the Market for Efficient Lighting, PPG
ongoing, Full-sized project resources estimated at 7,000,000 USD (GEF). PPG: 390,000.00 (of which 140,000.00 USD - GEF, 250,000.00 - Government of Russia in kind)
00069324 - Building energy efficiency in the North West of Russia, PPG
ongoing, Full-sized project resources estimated at 5,800,000 USD (GEF). PPG: 340,000.00 (of which 140,000.00 USD - GEF, 200,000.00 - Government of Russia in kind)
00047701 - Conservation of Wetlands Biodiversity in the Lower Volga Region

ongoing, 15,805,920 USD, of which GEF - 6,488,000

00045973 - Biodiversity Conservation in the Russian Portion of the Altai-Sayan Ecoregion
ongoing, 15,175 ,000 USD, of which GEF - 3,515,000

00047769, 00014615, 00014617 - Demonstrating Sustainable Conservation of Biological Diversity in Four Protected Areas in Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula, I and II phase
ongoing, 16,043,070 USD, of which GEF - 7,600,000 USD and CIDA – 4,975,000 CAD
00059042 - Strengthening Protected Area System of the Komi Republic to Conserve Virgin Forest Biodiversity in the Pechora River Headwaters Region
ongoing, $ 20,400,000 ($4,500,000 - GEF; Government in kind - $ 12,580,000, other - private, academic in kind)
00059641 - Strengthening the Marine and Coastal Protected Areas of Russia
ongoing, Full-sized project financial resources estimated at USD 4,000,000 (GEF). PPG: USD 140,000.00 (USD 70,000.00 - GEF, USD 70,000.00 - Government of Russia in kind)
00048248 - Conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity in Russia’s Taymir Peninsula: Maintaining connectivity across the landscape
ongoing, 3,053,300 USD, of which GEF - 970,000
00062989 - Improving the coverage and management efficiency of protected areas in the steppe biome of Russia, PPG
ongoing, PPG: US$ 150,000.00 (GEF). Full-size project resources estimated at US$ 6,000,000.00 (GEF)
00048505 - Joint Actions to Reduce PTS and Nutrients Pollution in Lake Baikal through Integrated Basin Management (Russia, Mongolia), PPG
ongoing, PPG: US$ 120,000.00 (GEF). Full-size project resources estimated at US$ 3,000,000.00 (GEF)

Official Development Assistance

Human Development

00014611 - Mainstreaming Human Development in Russia
ongoing, Budget: US $ 1,046,846.00, Funding: UNDP, UNICEF, UNESCO, UNIC, WHO, UNFPA, Sida, Faculty of Economics at MSU, Academy of Sciences in the Bashkortostan Republic
00062195 - Facilitating Interactions between Civil Society and State Governance through the Russian Academy of Public Servic
ongoing, Budget: US$ 350,000.00; Funding: UNDEF
00048839 - Construction of a sports boarding school in Beslan after Ivan Kanidi, the Republic of North Ossetia- Alania
ongoing, US $ 2 414 286 (US $ 1 000 000 - the Kingdom of Norway, US $ 1 344 086 - the Hellenic Republic , US $ 70 200 - UNDP)
00053646 - Support to HIV and AIDS Prevention and Palliative Care Initiatives of Faith-Based Organizations in the Russian Federation
ongoing, USD 2,820,000, USAID
00063712 - Support to institutional development of the Russian Association of People Living with HIV (PLHIV)
ongoing, 20,800,000 RUB, “Russian Healthcare” Foundation

Private Sector Engagement

00071238 - Engaging Russian Business in Global Compact Driven Sustainable Development
ongoing, USD 4,030,000 (co-financing: UNDP, interested companies and institutions)
00057909 - Promoting Investment and Interregional Cooperation in the North-West Federal District
ongoing, US$ 280 000.00
00063528 - Sustainable Integration and Recovery in North Ossetia-Alania
ongoing, US $ 1 883 999.63 (Government of Japan through United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security)