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Before 2011, UNDP Resident Representative served as Resident Coordinator (RC) for the entire United Nations system in Russia as typically is in other country offices. RCs are the designated representatives of the UN Secretary General for development operations in a country. After the termination of this position at the end of 2010, the coordination function has been taken up by other UN agencies in the Russian Federation on a rotation basis.

UNDP continues providing central administrative support to other UN agencies in Russia, including in processing of payments, reporting, logistics, procurement, contracting, recruitment, etc. In 2010, UN agencies expenditures through UNDP CO equalled to around US$ 11,300,000 vis-a-vis to about US$ 17,400,000 in 2009.

You can learn more about the composition of the country team and its priorities in the Russian Federation on UN in Russia site at http://www.unrussia.ru/en/Default.aspx

The 2006 Resident Coordinators Annual Report
The Resident Coordinators Report-Workplan 2007-2008
The Resident Coordinators Report-Workplan 2008-2009
The Resident Coordinators Report-Workplan 2009-2010
UN in Russia joint activities in 2010 and action plan for 2011


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