United Nations Development Programme

Russian Federation

Focus Area: Crisis Prevention and Recovery
Priority Area: Human Development
Project Number: 00063528
Project Title: Sustainable Integration and Recovery in North Ossetia-Alania
Budget and Source of Funds: USD 1,883 999.63 (Government of Japan through United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security)
Starting Date and Duration: Starting date: November 2008; Duration: 3 years
Project Site: Republic of North Ossetia-Alania
Executing Agency: UNDP
Partnerships: UNHCR, ILO, FAO
Project Status: ongoing
Delivery: $ 1,394,259 as of March 2011
Contacts: Head of Office

Elena Armand

E-mail: elena.armand@undp.org

UNDP Project Manager:

Natalia Andreeva

E-mail: natalia.andreeva@undp.org
Tel.: +7 8672 45 14 26

For more information please contact:

Alla Oleinik

Admin/Finance Assistant

Tel. + 7 8672 45 14 26 Fax: + 7 8672 54 60 97
e-mail: alla.oleinik@undp.org

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00063528 - Sustainable Integration and Recovery in North Ossetia-Alania

The project aims to support integration of displaced people and improvement of life level in the region through enhancement of local employment opportunities, development of sustainable livelihoods, enhancement capacity of local authorities and NGOs involved in economic and social recovery. Special attention is given to the most vulnerable groups, i.e. women, single headed female households, elderly and invalids.

Expected Outcome:
UNDP is planning to stress its activities to achieve the following project objectives:
Strengthened capacities of local authorities and NGOs to design and implement coordinated longer-term strategies for socio-economic recovery;
Increase in activities planned, implemented and financed at the local (district and/or municipal) level through assessment of existing practices in district planning and budgeting; support to transparent planning and budgeting; conduction of community meetings using the Participatory Rural Appraisal;
Increased mainstreaming of social cohesion and peace-building as a cross-sectoral thematic within NGO activities;
Increased access to micro-credit through consultancy support to Microfinance Institutions, providing trainings and capacity building;
Increased access to business advisory services;
Promotion of small and micro enterprise and favorable growth environment for small entrepreneurs through establishment the Business Incubator contributes to the creation of new jobs;
Increased attractiveness of rural employment opportunities as awareness is built by the Agriculture Extension Service Centre network at district level.
Interim Results:
Long term strategies for socio-economic development being drafted by the selected pilot districts.
High level officials participated in the IX All-Russia Conference Strategy planning in Regions and Cities of Russia and other relevant events. Working groups established and trained in 3 pilot districts.
Folklore Festivals organized both in North Ossetia Alania and Moscow Oblast by republican NGO Center of Folk Art.
Children puppet theatre in Vladikavkaz supported in purchase of lighting and sound equipment and in provision of puppet making classes for children.
International Contemporary Art Symposium organized by local NGO and the republican Ministry of Culture supported in Vladikavkaz.
Two summer camps for children from vulnerable families carried out.
Republican Microfinance Institutions assessed. One Agricultural Credit Consumer Cooperatives supported. One Credit Consumer Cooperatives established and supported. The staff of Cooperatives and Republican Microfinance Fund trained
Republican Marketing Center and Youth Entrepreneur Club established and supported.
Republican Business Incubator supported.
Four District Agriculture Extension Services established, trained and supported.
Two Agriculture Cooperatives created and supported in heifers for establishment of revolving funds.

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