United Nations Development Programme

Russian Federation


02.07.2011. Seminars-workshops on sustainable development of rural areas in Tverskaya oblast

During the period 27 June 02 July 2011, the UNDP project in North Ossetia-Alania jointly with Stolypin center for regional development and with agricultural department of the Administration of Tverskaya oblast held in Marksatikhinsky, Zubtsovsky and Selizharovsky districts seminars-workshops on sustainable development of rural areas. The seminars-workshops used positive experience of the project in North Osseia-Alania and were directed at the practical implementation of P.A.Stolypins ideas in modern Russia based on: maximum account of local initiatives, diversification of activities in rural areas, adaptation of the experience of the best foreign and Russian projects.

Representatives of district administrations, entrepreneurs, farmers and heads of rural settlements took part in the seminars-workshops. The concept of the sustainable development of rural areas and experience in the development of regional and municipal programmes in Russia and abroad were presented by PhD, Head of the Center for sustainable development of rural areas of Moscow Temiryazev Agriculture Academy, Consultant of UNDP project, Mr. Merzlov A.V. UNDP Project Manager, PhD, Ms. Natalia Andreeva introduced to the participants the experience of North Ossetia-Alania in working on the strategy of regional development, national and foreign experience I n working with local initiatives. Mr. Belikov M.T. representative of the Pravoberezhny district administration of North Ossetia-Alania told about their experience in strategic planning of development of rural areas. Ms. Chardina Yu.A. - Deputy Director of NGO Moye Delo - presented the experience in creating of micro-business in Prigorodny district of North Ossetia-Alania: during two years period more than 57 functioning micro-businesses have been organized and more than 150 workplaces have been created.

The seminar-workshop discussed the project on organization of local initiative groups in the districts, that will be collecting business initiatives in rural settlements, will select priority initiatives jointly with Consultants of UNDP and Stolypin center for regional development for elaboration of strategies and programmes on development of rural areas on municipal level.

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