United Nations Development Programme

Russian Federation


29.06.2011. Small grants open contest in the framework of the ICRIN project

Open contest is financed by UNDP in the Russian Federation in the framework of ICRIN project. The main goal of the competition is to attract more attention and raise interest and promote the healthy lifestyle among different groups of population.

Prioritized directions of small grants allocation:

Directions are listed in random order and do not reflect priority one over another (with stationing in Orel, Bryansk, Tula and Kaluga regions, affected by the Chernobyl accident):

• Projects on knowledge dissemination on the healthy lifestyles (events on healthy lifestyle promotion in the regions, affected Chernobyl accident; optional classes at schools, etc.)

• Information projects (development of information materials, TV and radio programs, creating of TV and Internet infomercials, publications for broadcasting in local media)

The above mentioned list is inexhaustive.

More information you can find here

You can download application form here

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