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Политика по контролю кризисной смертности в переходный период

Политика по контролю кризисной смертности
в переходный период

We would like to present for your attention a report
“Policies for the Control of the Transition’s Mortality
. The report was prepared by the group of experts
under direct supervision of Mr. Valeriy Chervyakov, Director of
the Transnational Family Research Institute, and financed by UNDP
CO in the Russian Federation.

This report reveals the causes of critical situation
with mortality of male population at working ages and especially
how it is influenced by social and economic situation of the transition
period. It was aimed on finding ways out of the crisis. Study was
conducted in two selected regions of Russia (Moscow and the Udmurt
Republic) on the bases of all the available information trying to
build models of typical personal and micro-social situations, which
lead to premature death. Such an approach guaranties conclusiveness
of association between certain unfavorable factors (of the multitude
of various factors) and the fact of premature death.

Practical application of the recommendations that
should be constructed on the basis conclusions and results of the
research would lead to decrease in mortality rates, especially among
working population, - the main humanitarian problem of contemporary

The report could be of great interest for scientists,
studying this problem, as well for the wide public.