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UNDP in the Russian Federation

General Overview

UNDP operates the Project Support Office in the Russian Federation since beginning of 2011. UNDP Country Office has been transformed into a national project support office at the end of 2010 due to the completion of the Country Programme for 2008-2010 and the evolution of the Russian Federation to the net contributing country status.

The task of the Project Support Office is to provide technical support to a number of projects, which UNDP continues implementing in the Russian Federation in cooperation with local government and other partners. The national project support office is led by a national Head of Office and reports to the UNDP Head Quarters in New York and UNDP Regional Centre in Bratislava.

Before 2011, UNDP was represented in Russia by a Country Office, which started operating in Moscow in 1997, though UNDP has been present in Russia since 1993, when a Framework Agreement was signed with the Government of the Russian Federation. UNDP has implemented programmes both at the federal level and in a number of regions of the country, providing policy advice, technical assistance, and capacity development to the government and the civil society. The office was headed by UNDP Resident Representative, whose position was terminated at the end of 2010. The Framework Agreement remains valid as confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.The lastCountry Programme for the Russian Federation covered the period of 2008-2010, all country programmes have been based on extensive consultations with the Government, United Nations organizations, civil society groups and other partners.

Today UNDP programme in Russia focuses on environment and sustainable development addressing global environmental challenges - conservation of globally important biodiversity, climate change mitigation and resilience, sound management of international waters. The programme is based on the partnership with the Global Environment Facility and the Russian Government.

The following projects have been implemented by the Project Support Office:

Energy Efficiency and Environment

00070781 - Standards and Labels for Promoting Energy Efficiency in Russia
ongoing, Full-sized project: USD 7,810,000 Global Environment Facility, USD 56 million (parallel and in-kind co-financing)
00072576 - Transforming the Market for Efficient Lighting
ongoing, Full-sized project: USD 7,020,000 Global Environment Facility, USD 65.7 million (parallel and in-kind co-financing)
00074315 - Building energy efficiency in the North West of Russia
ongoing, Full-sized project: USD 5,840,000 Global Environment Facility, USD 27 million (parallel and in-kind co-financing)
00075279 - Reducing GHG emissions from road transport in Russia's medium-sized cities, PPG
ongoing, PPG: USD 150,000 Global Environment Facility, USD 250,000 (Russian government in-kind co-financing)
00077026 - Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation into Russias energy sector policies and operations
ongoing, Full-sied project: USD 7,200,000 Global Environment Facility, USD 32 million (parallel and in-kind co-financing)
00059042 - Strengthening Protected Area System of the Komi Republic to Conserve Virgin Forest Biodiversity in the Pechora River Headwaters Region
ongoing, Full project: USD 4,500,000 Global Environment Facility; USD 4,428,500 (Government of Germany) USD12,580,000 (parallel and in kind co-financing)
00072294 - Improving the coverage and management efficiency of protected areas in the steppe biome of Russia
ongoing, Full-size project: USD 5,304,545 Global Environment Facility, parallel and in-kind co-financing

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