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Welcome to Solution Exchange for the Energy and Environment Community in Russia

The Community of Practice for Energy and Environment brings together professionals working to promote Russias sustainable development through responsible energy production and exploitation of energy resources, including utilization of innovative technologies.

The Energy and environment Community is a joint project of the UNDP in Russia sponsored by the Coalition of Ecological Organizations and OJSC "RusHydro".

The Moderator of the Community is Aleksandr Martynov (NERA, Independent agency for ecological ratings)

Issues covered:

  • Energy efficiency, for both production and consumption
  • Promoting alternative energy sources for generating electricity hydropower, wind, geothermal
  • Innovative technologies for producing clean energy
  • Mitigating social and environmental impacts of energy development investments, e.g., dams and hydrocarbon extraction infrastructure
  • Global conventions and international cooperation and investment issues related to energy and environment
  • Who should join the Community:

  • Officials of the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Federal Agency for Science and Innovation, and other relevant government bodies at Federal, regional and local levels responsible for energy policy
  • Representatives of key professional NGOs and civil society organizations advocating for sustainable development and responsible energy alternatives
  • Researchers, developers and promoters of innovative technologies in the alternative energy sector
  • Professionals in the business community engaged in designing, building and operating alternative energy infrastructure
  • Advocates and experts in responsible energy production and innovative technologies
  • Other professionals working in fields related to sustainable energy and environment
  • Contacts:

    Moderator: Aleksandr Martynov
    UNDP: Nataly Olofinskaya

    Our Partners:

    Coalition of Ecological Organizations and OJSC "RusHydro", Project "Belaya Kniga. Dams and Development"

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