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TitleEvaluation Consultant
ProjectSupport to HIV & AIDS Prevention and Palliative Care Initiatives of Faith-Based Organizations in the Russian Federation"
LocationMoscow, Russia
Duration01 July 31 August 2011
Date of Expire2011-06-30
The project aims to contribute to decrease in HIV and AIDS incidence in the Russian Federation and mitigate the impact of the epidemic on the population by strengthening the capacity of Russian Orthodox Church and other confessions significantly present in Russia, in preventing the spread of the epidemic, reducing stigma and discrimination, and providing care and support to people living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA) and other affected population groups. The project is implemented across a number of areas, including development interventions in palliative care, promoting behavioral changes among vulnerable youth, capacity development for faith-based organizations and policy-level initiatives through the inter-faith coordination mechanisms.

The independent final evaluation of the Project has been initiated by UNDP Project Support Office in Russia in order to review the results of the project implementation. This evaluation will be conducted under overall supervision of Cluster II of the UNDP Project Support Office in Russia.

The evaluation is being undertaken in order to independently assess:

The quality of the original design, its relevance to the identified needs of the project beneficiaries, and its continued relevance during project implementation.
The efficiency of project implementation, including with respect to both UNDP and partner government mobilisation and management of resources (budget, inputs and activities).
The effectiveness of the project in terms of achieving its planned objectives, including outputs delivered and contribution to outcomes.
The likely overall impact of the project and the sustainability of benefits arising from the project; and
Whether or not there were unanticipated results, either positive or negative, arising from project implementation.

The evaluation will be undertaken over roughly a 6 week period, starting with the desk review of project documents and preparation of the questionnaires in July 2011, and ending with the production and submission of the final evaluation report by August 31 2011. The evaluation consultant will provide up to a total of 30 days input over this time period.

Expected deliverables
The expected deliverables from the evaluation consultant will be:
1. Development of a sound methodological approach, including tools, templates, and instruments.
2. An inception report (including a finalized design matrix and the evaluation instruments) to be submitted before 15 July 2011 in English.
3. A first full draft of the evaluation report (based on format in ANNEX 1)
4. The final evaluation report, taking into account comments provided by UNDP on the first draft to be submitted by 25 August, 2011 in English.
5. Summary evaluation report for the Donors to be submitted by 25 August, 2011.

UNDP will issue a short-term consultancy contract to the successful candidate. The daily fee for services will be assigned according to UN salary scale for external consultants and will be based on the candidates qualification and competency level. The total fee will be calculated based on the agreed number of working days allocated to perform the requested tasks.

The payment for services will be made in instalments upon certification of satisfactory performance at each phase:

1) The 1st instalment, 30% will be paid upon submission of the methodology and evaluation plan and draft inception report;
2) The 2nd and the final instalment, 70% will be paid upon acceptance of the Final evaluation report by UNDP Project Support Office in Russia.

All payments to the consultant will be made by the bank transfer.
Terms of ReferenceFull TOR text for project final evaluation is available at the link below

link to the full TOR

BackgroundRequired area of expertise of independent evaluation expert includes:

university degree or equivalent back ground in social sciences, public health or related disciplines, with specialized training areas such as evaluation, social statistics, qualitative research and analysis;
5-8 years progressive experience in research design methodology (qualitative and quantitative studies); prior experience in planning, designing, implementing, analyzing, and reporting results of qualitative and quantitative studies (survey design and implementation; social sciences research);
Prior involvement in HIV/AIDS related project/program evaluation would be an asset;
Personal skills: capability to work with diverse stakeholders; communication; strong drafting skills; analytical skills; negotiation skills;
Language skills: fluency in English, native Russian.

The consultant will be selected by the UNDP Project Support Office in Russia through a competitive process.

The evaluation will be managed by the UNDP Project Support Office in Russia.
UNDP Project Support Office in Russia will provide support as required in facilitating contact with stakeholders.

The evaluation consultant will be fully responsible for providing his/her own lap-top computer, and for his/her communication and report production costs. Secretarial support will not be provided by the project.
ContactsApplicants are requested to send Curriculum Vitae and an application letter to UNDP Project Support Office in Russia by fax +7 495 787 2101, or by e-mail ekaterina.daummer@undp.org. The deadline for applications is 30.06.2011.

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