United Nations Development Programme

Russian Federation

Research Project Peer Counseling (PC) on HIV
The Research was conducted in the framework of the joint project Support to institutional development of the Russian Association of People Living with HIV (PLHIV) implemented by UNDP, Russian Health Care Foundation, and Russian Association of PLHIV. Among other issues the project supports work on improvement of nonmedical services for PLHIV provision using the capacity of the PLHIV community. The research was conducted in two stages (qualitative and quantitative studies) and aimed at analysis of existing practice of peer counseling on HIV. It covered four selected regions of the Russian Federation and was implemented through interviews with various groups of respondents: PLHIV with and without experience of PC, peer consultants and medical workers with experience of working with them. The research project resulted in formulation of the evidence base for the discussions on the relevance of peer counseling; determined factors affecting the quality of peer counseling; defined aspects of work of peer consultants that are to be improved. These results will serve as the basis for the work on the Concept of Peer Counseling and further improvement of the system of services provision to People Living with HIV. Please download Russian language version here