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The UN Global Compact Operational Guide for Medium-scale Enterprises
This publication is aimed at supporting enterprises with 50-200 employees in taking the steps needed to perform successfully in implementing the United Nations Global Compact principles.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) play an impressively relevant role in both developed and developing countries, considering that they constitute approximately 90 percent of business worldwide, and that they generate some 50 to 60 percent of the employment. Despite their relevance, though, SMEs often need to overcome major obstacles in order to successfully implement social and environmental standards.

Therefore, in 2006, the Global Compact Office appointed an international expert group under the coordination of UNIDO to develop an all-encompassing Operational Guide for Small and Medium Enterprises. With the clear objective of increasing the number of active SMEs in the Global Compact and providing assistance in implementing the Ten Principles, the group prepared this Operational Guide for Medium-scale Enterprises which will be soon accompanied by the forthcoming Guide for Managers of Small-Scale Businesses, Report and Recommendations on SMEs and Resources and Tools Guide.
This report is but a first step towards the creation within the Global Compact of a space where SMEs can exchange best practices and help in the advancement of the Global Compacts initiative.

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