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Russian Federation

G.A. Fomenko and others Economic evaluation of Kamchatka specially protected natural territories: practical results and their importance for biodiversity conservation (by example of Natural park Bystrinsky)
In this report theoretical approaches are presented to give an economic evaluation of natural
resources and ecosystem services offered to protected areas as a basis of biodiversity conservation;
the role and value of these assessments are shown in order to integrate protected areas
into social and economic progress of the country and regions; practical results of their application
are demonstrated by the pilot object the Natural park Bystrinsky. It is shown that the
mechanism of economic evaluation of common benefit and ecosystem services can be used to
find out the ways of all protected territories progress in the Kamchatka region, the development
of appropriate methods of management, optimization of land utilization and budget expenses.
This report is of interest to experts in the field of nature protection management, economy
of nature management, tourism, experts of territorial forms of government and all people interested
in the problems of environmental protection.

You can download the report in PDF format (on Russian)

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