United Nations Development Programme

Russian Federation

Women and Men
The compendium has been prepared in response to the numerous wishes
from government bodies, public and research organizations, by
the Goskomstat of Russia jointly on the basis of data received
by the state statistics bodies from enterprises and organizations,
ministries and agencies in Russia, from the results of population

The presentation covers the gender
aspects of data relating to size and structure of population
in urban and rural areas at the beginning of 1999 and 2016 (as
forecasts), life expectancy, migration flows, level of education,
students at secondary and higher educational establishments
by groups of specialities, morbidity from various diseases,
employment in economic branches, wage and salary levels, criminality,
representation in federal bodies of the legislative, executive
and judicial branches of power, structure of unemployment.

The compendium covers the gender
side of statistics for the regions of the Russian Federation.

In compiling the compendium,
the task was set to invite interest towards the specific problem
of the status of women and men in Russia. The compendium is
intended for a wide range of users.

More detailed information can
be obtained from ?INFORMATICS? affiliated to the Main Inter-Regional
Centre. Goskomstat of Russia.