United Nations Development Programme

Russian Federation

Focus Area: Environment
Priority Area: Sustainable Energy
Project Number: 00075279
Project Title: Reducing GHG emissions from road transport in Russia's medium-sized cities, PPG
Budget and Source of Funds: PPG: US$ 400,000 (of which US$ 150,000 - GEF, US$ 250,000 - Government of Russia in kind).
Starting Date and Duration: August 2010 - September 2011
Project Site: Kazan and Kaliningrad
Executing Agency: UNDP
Partnerships: Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Regional and Local Governmet and instituions
Project Status: ongoing
Delivery: 2010: US$ 0

Responsible Unit:

Energy and Environment Unit

For more information please contact:

Ms. Nataly Olofinskaya

Head of Unit

Tel: +7 (495) 787 2139

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00075279 - Reducing GHG emissions from road transport in Russia's medium-sized cities, PPG

The GEF is currently funding the PPG phase of full project Reducing GHG Emissions from Road Transport in Russias Medium-sized Cities, addressing reduction of GHG emissions from urban transport system in medium-sized Russian cities (Kaliningrad and Kazan) through the sustainable integrated transport planning, promotion of a long-term shift to more efficient and less polluting forms of transport, and demonstration of sustainable low-GHG transport technologies. The project will achieve this through the following outcomes:

- Policy, planning, institutional and stakeholder analysis;
- GHG analysis: baseline analysis, GHG modelling and feasibility of GHG monitoring system;
- Design of pilot/demonstration projects;
- Project strategy and scoping, M&E plan.

The major objective of the PPG is to develop a full project document for a UNDP/GEF project in Climate Change focal area addressing barriers to GHG emissions reduction in the urban road transport systems in medium-sized cities. The project will exchange information, lessons and best practices with the GEF/UNDP/EBRD/UNIDO Umbrella Programme Energy efficiency in the Russian Federation.

The project will be led by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation responsible for GHG emissions monitoring and for climate-related policies. Key implementation partners for the project will include: the Ministry of Transport of the RF (responsible for the development and modernization of the road transport sector), the Ministry of Interior of the RF (traffic management) and the municipalities of selected pilot cities Kaliningrad and Kazan.

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