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Project Number:00077026
Project Title:Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation into Russias energy sector policies and operations, Full-sized Project.
Budget and Source of Funds:Full project: US$ 39,150,000 of which US$ 7,200,000 from the Global Environment Facility (GEF). Project Preparatory Grant (completed): US$ 353,636 (of which US$ 173,636 - GEF, US$ 180,000 - Government of Russia in kind).
Starting Date and Duration:2011-2017
Project Site:Nenetsk Autonomous Okrug, Khakassia Republic, Amur oblast, Kalmykia Republic, Astrakhan, Kemerovo and Sakhalin Oblasts
Executing Agency:Ministry of natural resources and environment of the Russian Federation
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00077026 - Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation into Russias energy sector policies and operations, Full-sized Project.


A significant share of Russias biological wealth will continue to exist outside the network of protected areas. And, economic development will continue to place pressure on biodiversity outside protected areas. Most importantly, Russias regions of globally significant biodiversity namely the Arctic, Siberia and Far East are increasingly becoming the focus of energy development. The expected exponential growth of Russias energy sector means a potential further rise in threats to biodiversity. Whether and to what extent these threats materialize depends on if the baseline course of action is corrected to address biodiversity risks.
The desired long-term solution is for Russia to adapt its legislation and policies to include legal requirements for energy sector actors to take into consideration biodiversity conservation, and to develop and test technologies to implement these requirements in each industry. By so doing, Russia will be able to both minimize the adverse impact of energy sector development on biodiversity, and motivate positive actions to conserve biodiversity. The objective of the project is to mainstream biodiversity conservation priorities into Russian energy sector development policies and into the operations of energy production sectors through pilot activities in 7 demonstration areas of the country.

Project outcomes:

Outcome 1 will strengthen the regulatory environment of the energy sector (oil, coal, and hydropower) to enable better integration of biodiversity conservation issues in sector operations.

Outcome 2 will focus on piloting biodiversity mainstreaming into oil sector operations in the Nenetsk, Northern Caspian and Sakhalin.

Outcome 3 will pilot biodiversity mainstreaming into hydropower operations in Amur oblast and Low Volga region.

Outcome 4 will pilot biodiversity mainstreaming in coal mining operations in the Khakassia and Kemorovo.
Global biodiversity benefits will be realized through safeguarding long-term ecological stability of the Arctic, Tundra, and Boreal Forest biomes, as well as of the fragile ecosystems of the Far East region. Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation considerations into energy sector operations at project demonstration sites alone will ensure population stability of a number of International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List species, including: Hooded Crane, Siberian Musk Deer, Siberian Grouse, European Otter, and Atlantic Salmon.

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