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Project Number:00074315
Project Title:Building energy efficiency in the North West of Russia
Budget and Source of Funds:Full-sized project resources US$ 5,840,000 (Global Environment Facility (GEF), US$ 27 million (parallel and in-kind co-financing). Project Preparatory Grant: US$ 340,000 (of which US$ 140,000 - GEF, US$ 200,000 - Government of Russia in kind)
Starting Date and Duration:January 2009 - December 2010 (Project Preparatory Grant ), December 2010 - December 2015 (Full-sized Project )
Project Site:Arkhangelsk, Pskov and Vologda Oblasts
Executing Agency:Office of Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the RF in the North-West Federal Okrug
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00074315 - Building energy efficiency in the North West of Russia


Project objective is to build local capacities for and demonstrate local solutions to improved energy efficiency in construction and maintenance of buildings in the North West of Russia: Pskov, Vologda and Arkhangelsk Oblasts.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Project objective will be achieved through three outcomes designed to address key barriers to building energy efficiency.
  2. Capacity building and know-how.
  3. Demonstration of local energy efficient solutions and management models. Main expected result of the Project Preparatory Grant stage of the project is the preparation of a project document for submission of a full-sized project grant request to Global Environment Facility (GEF).

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