United Nations Development Programme

Russian Federation

Focus Area: Poverty reduction
Priority Area: Human Development
Project Number: 00014611
Project Title: Mainstreaming Human Development in Russia
Budget and Source of Funds: Budget: US $ 618,000.00, Funding: Russian Government, Faculty of Economics at Moscow State University
Starting Date and Duration: 1st January 2011 - 31st December 2014
Project Site: Moscow
Executing Agency: Faculty of Economics, Moscow State University
Partnerships: Faculty of Economics at Moscow State University, Academy of Sciences in the Bashkortostan Republic, Administration of Perm Krai
Project Status: ongoing
Delivery: 2010: US$ 335,718.83 (NHDR Project)

National Project Director
Vassily Kolesov
Dean, Faculty of Economics, MSU

Project Coordinator
Natalia Voronkova
Address: 9,Leontievsky Lane, 125009 Moscow
Tel: +7 495 787 2175
Fax: +7 495 787 2101

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00014611 - Mainstreaming Human Development in Russia


The purpose of the project is to contribute to mainstreaming the Human Development concept in Russia and CIS, and also implementation of the concepts principles at various levels of decision-making process. Use of the concepts fundamentals in developing society development priorities will enable improvement of conditions to provide long, healthy and productive human living. Implementation of the project will include preparation of Human Development Reports, published since 1995; research and education in the area of human development, based on experience, accumulated by Russian experts; promotion of the concept within Russian official aid to development in CIS countries. Implementation of the project will be instrumental in improvement of communication of experience and knowledge between specialists and experts in Russia, CIS countries and outside of Europe and CIS region.

The project provides for foundation of a Human Development Centre, which is to combine human development experience, accumulated in Russia, and to become a coordinating agency for human development in CIS countries. One of the Centres objectives will be development of relationships with similar centers outside the region of Europe and CIS. Attracting key partners (federal and regional government authorities, research centers, universities, private sector) to work in Steering Committee of the project will provide for extensive communication of outcomes and will allow for full consideration of Russias interests in work in Europe and CIS region

Expected Outcomes:

Focus Area 1: Preparation of National Human Development Reports (NHDRs) in the RF: annual publication and presentation of NHDRs; holding at least 2 supporting events (regional presentations of the Report, roundtable meetings) for promotion of the Report;

Focus Area 2: Human development education: expansion of Masters human development programme in Russia and abroad (increasing student numbers by 10% per annum on the average); updated statistics database on key human development indicators; publication of research on the use of human development concept for territorial planning and strategic administration (publication of results at least once a year);

Focus Area 3: Preparation of regional Human Development Reports: publication of regional /sub-national human development Reports (number depending on availability of financing); training regional experts in human development (at least 10 during preparation of one Report);

Focus Area 4: Promotion of human development as a part of Official Development Aid: human development programme for teaching specialists from CIS countries; increasing numbers of universities in CIS countries, teaching human development programs (1-2 universities per annum);- Russian Human Development Centre is a leading research and educational organization in the area of human development in CIS (by number of quotes in UNDP information sources).

Recent project events:

UNDP launched the 2010 Global Human Development Report in Moscow
UNDP has presented the 2010 Human Development Report for the Russian Federation

The official launch of the Regional Human Development Report for Perm krai took place in Perm
The Public Hearings on a draft of the 2010 National Human Development Report (NHDR) for the Russian Federation were held in the UN House in Moscow
Meeting of Human Development experts in Moscow
The first regional Human Development Report for Bashkortostan launched in Ufa

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