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16.09.2016 UNDP Partners with IUCN to Conserve Biodiversity in Russia

16 September 2016 United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) signed the agreement that aims to mainstream Russias global commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Convention of the Biological Diversity (CBD) and other related declarations into the national energy policy and practices.

Russian presidents decree that declares 2017 the Year of Ecology attaches even more significance to the Agreement above.

IUCN is the worlds oldest and largest international environmental network. It unites 82 countries, including Russia, and 1,300 member government and non-government organizations. IUCN harnesses the input of some 15,000 experts from as many as 185 countries.

Under the Agreement, UNDP is represented by the Project Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation into Russias energy sector policies and operations. Since 2012, the $7m Project funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) has been streamlining efforts to preserve biodiversity at the national level.

We see the implementation of the Agreement between UNDP and IUCN as a new and meaningful phase in the joint Project of UNDP and Russias Ministry of Nature and Natural Resources Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation into Russias energy sector policies and operations, says Svetlana Sheynfeld, the Project Manager. Common efforts under the Agreement are not only about sustaining the progress made. They will open up new prospects in biodiversity conservation in Russia.

What the Agreement between UNDP and IUCN will bring? This tool will help boost engaging international experts in biodiversity conservation to share and make use of the worlds best practices and expertise.

The Agreement also supports cooperation with national energy sector actors, including Russian coal, oil and hydropower companies. This will help create the knowledge sharing platform Business and Biodiversity that will give access to fundamentals of biodiversity conservation and national and international innovations geared to conserve biodiversity.

Svetlana Sheynfeld (fourth from left) speaks at the event of the Business and Biodiversity Pavilion, 6th IUCN World Conservation Congress, Honolulu, Hawaii

Just recently Ms Svetlana Sheynfeld, Manager of the UNDP/GEF Biodiversity Conservation Project in Russia, made the first step to implement the Agreement between UNDP and IUCN. Svetlana attended one of the worlds largest and most significant environmental events. From 1 to 10 September 2016, Hawaiis capital Honolulu hosted more than 6,000 representatives from 170 countries at the 6th IUCN World Conservation Congress.

Ms Sheynfeld took part in a wide range of events of the Business and Biodiversity Pavilion that worked throughout the entire Congress. The Pavilion explored ways to effectively engage business community to generate benefits for biodiversity and shared the worlds latest practices to protect biological diversity.

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