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Russian Federation

UNDP operates the Project Support Office in the Russian Federation since the beginning of 2011. UNDP Country Office has been transformed into a national project support office at the end of 2010 due to the completion of the Country Programme for 2008-2010 and the evolution of the Russian Federation to the net contributing country status.

UNDP programme in Russia focuses on environment and sustainable development addressing global environmental challenges - conservation of globally important biodiversity, climate change mitigation and resilience. The programme is based on the partnership with the Global Environment Facility and the Russian Government. You can learn more about UNDP Environment Programme in the Russian Federation here

In 2011, after the closure of UNDP Country office in Moscow, the Russian Federation and UNDP have entered in a new stage of partnership focusing on cooperation at the regional and global levels. Since then, the Russian Government allocated over US$ 20 million to development assistance through UNDP projects and initiatives worldwide. The contribution of the Russian Government ranges from supporting livelihood improvement initiatives to promotion of trade and crisis prevention and recovery.

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21.08.2017 Steppe Refuge established in the middle of Kuzbass

14.08.2017 The hands-on training on the prevention of wildlife death in case of oil spills was held in Naryan-Mar from 1st to 5th August 2017.

02.05.2017 UNDP/GEF Project prepared Guideline on Biodiversity Assessment, the Mitigation Hierarchy and Offset Principles for Russias Energy Sector

07.11.2016 The regional project on Knowledge Management has been presented at the regional conference in Almaty

21.10.2016 The regional project Knowledge Management and Capacity Building in Russia-UNDP Partnership has been launched

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